for the crafty kids & adults

All throughout the year we run specialized workshops and classes with specially trained teachers in a variety of different mediums. We ensure top quality teaching in a controlled setting, letting your children experiment boldly and develop their skills. (Link to ‘Register’)

The Classes and Workshops we currently offer are:

Busy Butterflies: (18 months – 4 yrs)

Mondays @ 10 am – 11:15 am through our creative sessions with our certified expert, children are introduced to activities that help them grow socially, mentally, physically and creatively. Each class incorporates all a child’s senses to keep them immersed with visual, audio, kinesthetic and tactile activities. Don’t forget! Parents and Guardians participate too! Making this a perfect fun group activity for people with young children.

Colourful Cuckoo’s: (4yrs-6yrs)

Tuesdays @ 4 pm – 5 pm / Saturdays @ 11 am – 12 pm Specially formulated for young children, this course will teach them the foundation and fundamentals of art, primary colours, shapes, shading and more, learn how to make comparisons between different aspects like shapes, proportions, tones, textures, and sizes, all in a fun, colourful environment in a way totally relatable to children.

Little Picasso’s: (7 yrs – 9 yrs)

Saturdays @ 5 pm – 6:30 pm As children get older their motor control also develops and they are able to grasp finer techniques and different kinds of strokes, perspective, shading, and blending. Improving the hand to eye coordination and finer motor skills, the children will be able to skillfully make beautiful works of art.

Master Monet

Saturdays @ 3 pm – 4:30 pm As children get older, sketching and painting offers a medium through which they can express themselves, drawing is a way of putting their thoughts, feelings and ideas across to adults. Drawing can also stimulate brain development in growing children, as the process and techniques used in making diligent observations can help to encourage an eye for detail and an improved memory as well as improving handwriting and general dexterity. Master Monet goes into an in depth look at art, with some different techniques and styles, perfect for your budding little artist.

Coffee & Canvas : (Adults)

Mondays @ 11 am – 1:30 pm / Wednesdays @ 11 am – 1:30 pm For the artistic, classy lady, Canvas & Coffee is an art class with a twist. Learn how to paint fantastic, frame worthy landscapes, portraits and more! All while sipping on a Starbucks coffee and conversing with like-minded women, you are guaranteed to have a good time whilst also learning and improving on your artistic skills. No matter the skill level you think you have, if you have the passion for art, our resident artists Josh & Jeff will teach you how to render realistic and accurate pictures.