head foreman zumba

Zumba may be a zebra, but there’s nothing black and white about his personality. Vibrant, energetic and creative, he always wants to paint the town red with his ‘paintbrush tail’ with a little help from his bestie – the magic butterfly. Pizza is his favourite food, but he only orders it on even numbered dates. Also, he may tell you that his favourite animal is a dog, but it’s secretly a giraffe. And if there’s one thing he adores more than kids, it’s fun letters and messages from kids.

In the rare event that he’s bored, he likes to count the factory workers. His last count was 44, but he’s pretty sure he’s missed one and is quite obsessed with it. On any given day you can find him painting, dancing (Zumbaaa) or just reading about the Economics of Central Asia. Okay, we’re kidding about that last one.