work stations levels:

Level 1 of Fun

Art Lab

Tucked away at the back of the factory, the art lab is especially for our different range of workshops and classes. Inside you will find squashy and comfy bean bags and lots and lots of creativity! Trained art teachers conduct the workshops and create the magic. From paper-quilling techniques to origami, decoupage and beautiful calligraphy, special sessions are conducted almost every day.(Link to our ‘Workshops’)

Zumba’s Workshop

This is where the Magic happens. After choosing an activity from the Hobby Mill area, Kids get down and crafty with art. A large range of glitter, glue, beads, stickers, sequins, buttons, mosaic squares, foam stickers, crystal, decoupage(the art or craft of decorating objects with patterned paper and cut outs) scents, colours and stick on alphabets are at their disposal as they paint, decorate, glue and customize their way through their chosen activity.

Hobby Mill

A Bright and colourful display will catch your eye in this section where our diligent artists handiwork is displayed. A special conveyor belt hums as a host of non-toxic, eco-friendly items like candles, soaps, ceramic work and metal soldiers parade for your benefit. Here your child will choose from over 100 different items in materials like wood, wax, soap, fabric, metal, foam, velvet, ceramic, polymer clay, canvas, paper, loom bands, wooden bead jewelry and bling bracelets all the while learning to build, mold and create with their hands – developing a sense of colour and art

Digi Zone

Turn right on Level 1 and that’s where tech-friendly kids will find their haven. The Digi-Zone or digital art play theatre includes an i-wall – a digital art graffiti wall, LED wall, i-sketch tables, i-floor art projection and computer art workstations. So no matter what surface your kids choose to step, scribble or draw on, they create some form of art.

Dudes’n’Divas Room

Turn up the glam quotient at a group or birthday booking in a dedicated room with disco lights, glitter floor and mirrors. Let your childrens wildest fantasies come to life as they dress up in their favouritesuperheroes, fairies and villains costume, have their look completed by our trendy hair stylist sparkling nail paint and art for the girls and tribal tattoo art / face painting for the boys! Once they are blinged up let them show off their looks on a special mini ramp walk show with special lighting and glamour effects like fog and bubbles then strike a pose for their dedicated photographer at their personalized photobooth with customized accessories! Could this get any more exciting? We don’t think so!!

Art Mart

A few steps into Kidz Factory and you’ll find Art Mart where we showcase delightful personalized merchandise. Cute and colourful items we’re pretty sure you don’t need but absolutely sure you’ll pick up anyway! Here you can buy and customize knickknacks, ranging from Art Material, Party Items, Hobby & Craft Material, Kids Lamps, Pillows, Bags, Stationery, Educational items and lots more.

Doodle Den

Just as you’re leaving Kidz Factory, you’ll find Doodle Den – a warm area full of art walls to leave us messages on, handprints or even just an abstract doodle – come on we know you’ve always wanted to write on walls!

Caricature Corner

As you enter Kidz Factory you will see dozens of cartoons and caricatures lining the walls, all done in house and by our own resident artist, perfect for gifting or for commissioning for your walls, what’s more is that you can now get your caricature done on your very own tshirt! Make your kids into a princess or a superhero and have it done on their tshirt!

Level 2 of Fun

Splat Station

10 giant rolls of white paper hang from the walls and tubs of washable paint is readily available for the young artist to experiment with. Let your young ones go crazy with dozens of different rollers, sponges and stamps that will bring out their inner Picasso. Here you can let them explore textures or just splash around and paint the wall any way they like! And don’t worry about making a mess! We provide them with protective clothing so that they can paint to their hearts content without you worrying about laundry!


Your kids can now wear their own art thanks to the Tee-Junction, where a special airbrush machine allows them to spray graffiti on and customize their own special t-shirts, shoes, baseball caps and drawstring bags! watch them experiment with fabric paint, fabric markers and the airbrush to create their own unique look. Truly the next level of fun…

Paintball Plant

With our special nontoxic paintballs and paintball shooters made especially for young ones, children can now experience all the fun of playing paintball in a safe environment. Put your kids aim to the test as they fire away at a target on the other end of the room.

Art Jam

Located on the 2nd floor of Kidz Factory, At the Art Jam station you can put brush to canvas tosketch and paint, learn from our professional trained artists how to mix colours and create light and shadows with different techniques and mediums like Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint and Water Colour and render a beautiful, picture, worth hanging on your bedroom wall.