Kidz Factory is an Art, Hobby & Edutainment Centre located in Dalma Mall, spread nearing 4500 sq feet, where children of all ages can experience a world of creativity and imagination! Each corner of the Factory is designed to be warm, welcoming and happy – one that is associated with fun and remembered as part of a fantastic childhood!

When Kidz Factory opened its doors in 2014, it blended entertainment and learning together and opened up a new avenue in children’s edutainment all together. The capital’s children fell in love with art without even realizing that they were being lured away from their daily iPads and PlayStations.


Here kids are constantly constructing and building; activities,play and…memories! We measure our success in the smile of children, their laughter, nothing fills our cup more than a little child grinning broadly and going, I love Kidz Factory!

Hugs for the staff are a common feature, we don’t just edutain kids, we create an experience that brings them back again & again, filled with lasting memories!


Our areas include: The Tech Lab for Art & Hobby Classes, The Play Yard with soft play, Foam Pit and Factory Machines, Party Central for Birthday Parties, The Hobby Mill, where you can choose your favorite activities and of course Zumba’s Workshop, where you can make Art in many different forms like wood, textile, wax, paper, soap, ceramics, Science Experiments & delicious Masterchef activities too!

And whilst you’re here please don’t forget to pass by FoodStop, our very own in-house Concept Café, where parents and kids alike can enjoy delicious, imaginative meals served by little mobile engines. We also do Awesome Outdoor Events and Catering, Family Fun Day Events as well as School Visits.

We can’t wait to see you!